30+ Years of Leadership

A powerful combination of talent and experience, with a proven record of results.

Our History

Since our beginnings, our focus has never changed — serve our clients with trust and integrity.
Our team has one priority: getting the job done for our clients. We believe the best strategy is a reputation for going above and beyond. We have built reputation for becoming policy experts and for providing strategic direction that creates success for our clients.

Our Team

“Our philosophy is simple: It can be done. We put words into action by offering our clients a performance-oriented approach. Our goal? That is equally as simple: to exceed client expectations.” Ronald L. Book, Esq.

Ronald L. Book

Founder, President & CEO

Mr. Book is President and Chief Executive Officer of Ronald L. Book, P.A.  Since founding the firm in 1987, Ron has developed a client list that is a “who’s who” of business and industry, local governments, health care and not-for-profit associations.  His reputation as a hard worker, dedicated to his client’s causes, has earned him a place in the upper echelon of Tallahassee power.  Associates, clients and lawmakers describe Ron Book and his firm as committed, tenacious, knowledgeable and credible.

It is difficult to narrow Mr. Book’s areas of expertise to a simple few.  From sports and economic development to affordable housing to environmental remediation to social services, transportation, growth management, health care, seaports and aviation — if it is an issue that you have read about, Mr. Book has been at the center of the debate, influencing the decisions of policymakers for the past 4 decades.

For more than 30 years, his firm has led the government affairs industry in Florida, specializing in the appropriations process, responsible for literally, billions in grants, programs and earmarks to various projects and causes.

Kelly Mallette

Kelly Mallette serves as Senior Director of Government Affairs for Ronald L. Book, P.A., In this role, she helps oversee the firm’s Capitol lobbying practice, including the overall development of strategy, approach and execution for the firm’s extensive portfolio of clients.

Kelly’s long experience in politics began decades ago, when, at the age of 19, she worked as an intern to one of Florida’s most recognized lobbyists.  Since then she has grown into a powerful force in the Florida Capitol, providing lobbying services to a broad range of firm clients, including high-level business interests, hospitals, health care providers, professional associations and many others.  Her experience as Senate aide to a former Appropriations subcommittee chair, provided her with unique insight into Florida’s budget process, which has yielded hundreds of millions in funds for clients for everything from instructional materials, to complicated hospital formulas, to health care rate increases and other various grants and special appropriations.

Rana Brown

In 2008, Rana Brown joined Ronald L Book, P.A., with over 16 years of experience in government affairs. Rana specializes in legislative procedure with emphasis on state and local government and various private sector interests.

Ms. Brown provides executive direction services for the Florida Regional Councils’ Association, a statewide organization. Her work with the Florida Regional Councils’ provides her a depth of knowledge regarding local government, transportation, growth management and environmental issues. Prior to joining Ronald L. Book, P.A., Ms. Brown headed the Advocacy Department of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce where she restructured the Chamber’s government affairs focus to address issues affecting the business community at the local, state and federal levels. Prior to her work at the Chamber, Ms. Brown held the position of Assistant Director of Intergovernmental Affairs within the office of the Mayor of Miami-Dade County, where she worked on behalf of the County before the state legislature, state agencies and executive branch.


What We Do

At Ronald L. Book, P.A., we specialize in “anything and everything government.” We represent clients before the state Legislature, Executive Branch and across many state agencies.  We also maintain a robust local government practice.

For more than 30 years, our firm has led the government affairs industry in Florida, specializing in the appropriations process, responsible for literally, billions in grants, programs and earmarks to various projects and causes.  An innovator in local government representations, our firm counts dozens of cities, counties and government entities as clients. 

We are one of the few firms that offers first tier state legislative representation along with a robust and extensive local government practice.

Our Expertise

Professional Associations
Non-for-Profit Groups
Criminal Justice
Transportation & Highway Safety
Zoning, Permitting & Land Use
State & Local Procurement
Professional Sports
Business & Industry
Local Government
Hospitals & Healthcare


We represent a diverse array of clients, on a wide-range of issues – from Fortune 500 companies and major corporations to hospitals and health care providers to universities, school districts and education-related entities to professional associations to cities and counties and not-for-profit groups.

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